Office 365: Compliance and Benefits

Microsoft office 365 is just the solution for small businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition by being better and faster. There are numerous benefits to moving to Office 365. In a monetary perspective, businesses will no longer need to pay for additional servers in order to expand. Features of Office 365 such as all-time access of documents, emails, and ease of use, ensure that businesses can respond faster and effectively to customers.

The following are some of the major benefits of migrating to Microsoft Office 365.

Enhanced Security

Office 365 offers robust security features that meet enterprise security requirements and that have you in control. Notable security features include:

  • Information Rights Management, which ensures that customers can avert issues associated with document sharing and editing as well as manage content expiration.
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) support ensures the maximum level of data isolation to federal agencies.
  • Robust password policies combined with account lockout provide high level security and controlled access through user identity.

Reduced Costs

The maintenance of technology infrastructure on premise is quite an expensive undertaking. Office 365 allows businesses to avoid incurring the costs of hardware and software acquisition, software updates, backend upgrades, and disaster recovery. Research has indicated that businesses can achieve 40 percent savings over a period of five years by moving to Office 365.

Visibility on How Office 365 Is Used

Moving to Office 365 makes it home to sensitive corporate data. Office 365 allows IT teams to have greater visibility into how employees use and share data stored in office 365. Risky user behavior(s) such as sharing files via personal email addresses can be monitored and mitigated before risking data breaches.

Role-Based Access Control

The role based access control allows the control of administrative access across the different services in Office 365. You must not give the control of the entire Office 365 environment to every other user.

Access can be limited to the roles that a user must play through administrator rights. Some of the available user roles in Office 365 are: billing administrator, compliance administrator, dynamics 365 service administrator, exchange administrator, global administrator, password administrator, power BI administrator, service administrator, Sharepoint administrator, Skype for business administrator, and user management administrator.

These are but a few of the many benefits of Microsoft Office 365 that can be harnesses by businesses to their advantage.

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