What we can do for

From remote to on-site support services below are some additional solutions we have provided for our clients.

Health checks & servicing

Does you office require on-site and remote support services? Let our team help your office with support. Read more here.

Cloud backup solutions

Did you know that one of the best defense against ransomware is proper backups? Let us show you some facts. Read more here.

Office 365 migration

Thinking about switching to office 365? Want to have all your device’s emails synced. Here is all that you need to know! Read more here.

Managed antivirus, firewall and malware protection

You will definitely agree that IT security is absolutely vital nowadays. Many business owners use computers in their offices so it’s absolutely important to reliably protect them. Read more here.

On-demand IT Support

We understand the limitation and overhead costs associated with an IT Team within a company. This is why IT Real Simple specializes in supporting businesses with IT support when they need it. Read more here.

Service contracts

Are you looking for a customized monthly package to fit your IT budget and hours? Contact us and we can create a specialized package that fits your company’s needs.

Server migrations, installations, and maintenance

Does your business require a server? Do you require VPN access? Do you require a virtual machine environment? Let our team simplify the setup.

Emergency IT response

IT Real Simple in Calgary has a dedicated emergency IT response team that helps businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas to quickly investigate and resolve attacks so that you can carry on with business operations. Read more here.

Hardware and software diagnosis

Is your machine running slow? Let our team do a full analysis to check if an upgrade is required or just a clean up is needed.

Viruses & spyware removal

Is your computer infected? Let our team help you with removal and secure your technology from future attacks.

Apple support and service

Does your business operate with Mac and iOS systems? Let our Apple experts simplify issues you may be facing. Read more here.

Windows & Mac OS X reinstalls

Does your business operate with Mac and iOS systems? Let our Apple experts simplify issues you may be facing.

Managed or self managed WordPress website

Want to build a website and have the ability to update your own content? We can help you with domain name registration, design, and WordPress hosting. Find out more about WordPress! Read more here.

Wi-Fi systems with access points

Do you have a weak wifi signal or losing your wifi connection? Is it a secured wifi connection? Let our team help you with your wifi issues.

ResortSuite – know your guest

Hosted on a guest-centric CRM platform, ResortSuite was designed to minimize duplication of guest data. Read more here.

Remote computer access

Do you need to remotely access your office computer from your home computer or mobile phone? We have the solution or you!

One page is not enough room to fill in all of our technology solutions and expertise, get connected with us and we can assess your problem and provide you with a tailored solution to your technology needs.