How can I Protect my Business from a Ransomware Attack?

Let’s start with the how. There are many different ways Ransomware can affect your business. The most common way is having ports open to your network for Remote Desktop or website servers onsite.

There are many secure ways to still accomplish having these things, however, many businesses do not have the extra security in place.

Remote access is something that is becoming more and more needed in our world. We want to be able to work from anywhere, especially as a business owner.

There are many secure applications out there to pay for like logmein and screen connect. You can also have a secure SSL VPN implemented to go along with your open ports for an added layer of protection.

Having one security measure in place like anti-virus is not enough anymore. We need layers of security starting with a firewall. Your firewall should have anti-virus protection, content filtering and intrusion detection and prevention.

Next you should have secure, encrypted, offsite backups running automatically.

Proper password management such as password expirations and complex password requirements is also very important.

Along with anti-virus, this is how you protect your business.

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